Keyring Flashlight

Nano Flashlights: Light Up Your Life with a Powerful Keyring Flashlight 

Imagine having a keyring flashlight that will likely outshine and even outlast most traditional torches. Sporting up to an impressive 700 lumens over 109 meters, Nano Flashlights take the term illumination to a whole new level.

Likely the most helpful keyring torch to date, Nano Flashlights are long-lasting and durable, offering excellent bang for your buck. Never be stuck using a weak mobile phone torch again. Nano flashlights punch way above their weight in terms of convenience and functionality.


What you Should Know About the Nano Keychain Flashlight

Getting stuck in the dark is not something we often consider – until it happens to you. Having a powerful source of light at hand when you need it is essential and having one that takes up hardly any space yet shines brighter than most torches double its size is priceless.

  • Nano Flashlights is taking Australians by storm. They are small and convenient to keep with you at all times – right on your keychain. They offer excellent functionality at an affordable price. Strong enough for use in nearly any setting, you cannot go wrong with a Nano flashlight.
  • Whether you are out camping or investigating that noise you heard outside in the dark, the Nano flashlight is ideal, casting a bright beam of light more than 100 meters. It easily outperforms most other handheld torches – and it costs a fraction of the price.
  • Fully IP66 weatherproof, you can use the Nano flashlight in any setting. It can withstand any weather condition and is even shock resistant and able to withstand a drop of up to 1.5 meters.

Why Choose a Nano Keychain Torch? 

Bigger is not always better. Carrying around an inconveniently large flashlight with you makes no sense. Unless you are going camping or anticipating a scheduled power outage, why would you carry a torch with you? Nano flashlights are ideal for those times when you find yourself unexpectedly stuck in the dark.

  • Nano Flashlights are the ultimate in illumination convenience. Easily carried around with you wherever you go, they are unobtrusive, tough, and long-lasting. Powerful LED technology ensures that the Nano will light your way effortlessly. Easily chargeable, you can avoid running out of battery power.
  • We offer a convenient online shopping platform, enabling you to order your Nano without leaving the comfort of your home, regardless of where you are in the world (We ship worldwide). Simply choose the Nano or the Nano combination package that you like best, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • We offer fast, convenient worldwide shipping via Australia Post, which means that regardless of where you are in the world, we can get your Nano flashlight to you in short order. Just because we are an online shop does not mean that we skimp on good old fashioned customer service with a smile.

About Nano Flashlights

We needed a more convenient, affordable, and functional way to find our way through the dark. Fed-up with fragile, large, unwieldy flashlights that aren’t bright enough and do not have enough battery power to last, we decided to develop our own solution. Nano Flashlights result from intense research and development, using the latest LED technology to create a solution that ticks all the boxes, from convenience to optimal functionality and affordability.

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