Long Lasting Flashlight

What You Need to Consider Regarding a Long-Lasting Flashlight 

An active outdoors lifestyle can leave you fumbling around in the dark for various, sometimes unexpected, reasons. Whether you are camping, fishing, boating, or any other outdoor activity that requires night-time illumination, you will need a long-lasting flashlight to wade through the dark. Often the problem with available flashlights is that they are too dim to sufficiently light an area, or the batteries do not last long enough for your needs. There is nothing more frustrating than your torch failing when  you need it the most.

Our company founders have dealt with this unpleasant situation on many occasions, and after being disappointed by other brands' flashlight performance, we created our brand of LED flashlight. We are proud to present to you our very own super-bright small flashlight.

Our flashlights can sufficiently light your way and are now available online throughout Australia/Worldwide from Nano Flashlights. Read on to discover more about our long-lasting torch solutions.


The Benefits of a Super Bright Flashlight

All our Nano Flashlights come with a USB-C charging cable, and you can use the provided USB-C cable on your computer or car charging adaptors. Each model has various operation modes: momentary-on, constant on, switch mode, emergency flash mode, and off. Let us look into more of the benefits of this handy little light maker.

  • As stated, our long battery life flashlight provides solid performance, and all flashlight models have a 350-mAh battery. The difference is light mode operation. Typical battery endurances range from 40 hours max run time on Nano K at the lowest setting. Now that is a lot of battery power for your general needs.
  • Our LED torches can shine up to 109 metres distance. For most general purposes, this is sufficient light reach. Some torches have a more extended distance, but these may be for hunting purposes, for example. Our Nano Series LED torches are small and convenient but powerful enough to give you adequate light cover.
  • Our keychain torches come with up to a whopping 700 lumens of LED illumination, which is 16 times more potent than an iPhone torch. Up to seven hundred lumens light power makes our Nano flashlights the brightest Nano Flashlights on the market and the Samsung LED lasts up to 50,000+ hours. It can withstand a 1.5m impact drop and is IP66 water resistant. What's not to love about this Nano Flashlight?

The Importance of a Super Bright Torch 

The Nano is a keychain torch, so it fits neatly into your hand and can be with you at all times. It provides convenience and support for all occasions where you might get trapped in the dark. You always have a powerful torch at your side with up to 700 lumens of light output. You may be asking yourself what lumens are and why you require a torch with so much lighting power?

  • As opposed to watts, which traditionally measures energy output, lumens measure brightness. Lumens are a more accurate measurement of light strength and output than watts. Wattage for light output is no longer reliable, and lumens is an improved measurement. A 40-watt bulb is the equivalent of 450 lumens, as an example.
  • It may surprise some people to hear this, but you can use a suitable torch for personal defence. How is this possible? Any light above 300 lumens is enough to blind an attacker temporarily. Since our Nano flashlights provide up to 700 lumens and are on your keychain at all times, they might be just the trick to stave off an attack.
  • Flashlights with higher lumens output can give you more excellent area coverage. Several situations may require this extra lighting power. Considering that the average home torch only needs 100 lumens, you can see how much reach 700 lumens can provide. If you find yourself in a very dark outdoor setting, intense light can bring a sense of comfort and security.

About Nano Flashlights

Customers who purchase our Nano Flashlights are satisfied with the quality of our product, and we have many happy returning customers. We offer a vast range of styles and colour torches and believe in our product. All our Nano Series Flashlights have a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. Our Nano products undergo comprehensive performance testing to excel in new industry standards.

We practice what we preach at Nano Flashlights. We are outdoors people who use our products for many situations such as 4x4 outdoors adventures. We would love to help you with your flashlight requirements.

Contact us today and let us light the way with any queries, concerns or orders regarding our Nano torches.
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