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Carry a Pocket-Sized Light Source with Our Small Flashlight Options 

Having a powerful small flashlight is always beneficial, whether you’re having a stroll at night or need something to brighten your house when the power goes out. Technology has come a long way in recent years, and you no longer need a bulky flashlight to get good lighting. Choose Nano Flashlights for high-power flashlights that fit on your keychain.


Benefits of Choosing a Small Torch Light From Our Team

A reliable flashlight can make a world of difference and provide exceptional quality of life when the time is right. We always strive to clearly explain the benefits of having one of our flashlights to our customers so that they know what to expect even before buying anything. Consider the following reasons we believe a small pocket torch from us is the right choice:

  • Our torches are 16 times more potent than an iPhone flashlight. One of the most critical aspects of our design process was to make a small bright torch that packs a serious punch. We can confidently say that we succeeded. Our torches are powerful enough to replace any large flashlight you currently rely on to light up your home or provide sharp vision at night. Looking at the numbers, our flashlights produce light up to 109 metres at up to 700 raw lumens. That’s more than enough light for most situations.
  • Our torches are the ideal size for keychains. The most frequent problem with powerful flashlights today is that they are often seriously bulky. It’s hard to carry a large flashlight around with you, which is why we wanted to make our flashlights small enough to fit on a keychain. The size means that it never takes up any space and can always accommodate you as a powerful emergency light source.
  • You never have to concern yourself with batteries again. One of the remarkable features of our flashlights is that they come with a USB-C charging cable. It’s as simple as leaving your flashlight plugged in for a charge before you go off to your destination. All our models carry a 350 mAh battery which can provide up to 40 hours of runtime when used with our Nano series on its lowest setting. You get all the juice you need, and you never have to worry about buying batteries for your flashlights again.
  • Our flashlights even come with different operational modes. If you’re looking for a flashlight with variety, ours will fit the bill. Each of our flashlights come with a momentary mode that keeps the flashlight on while you hold the button, as well as a constant mode that works the same as ordinary flashlights. They also have a switch that allows you to toggle the flashlight's brightness and an emergency flash mode to help you attract attention during an emergency.

Ideal Scenarios Where You Can Use a Powerful Small Torch  

A small rechargeable torch is one of those items that we never have in mind until we need it, which doesn’t help. We want to help you keep some scenarios in mind that might require a torch so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. Consider the following places or scenarios where our torches will undoubtedly come in handy: 

  • When you’re out camping. One of the most popular reasons to use a torch is during a camping adventure. When you’re off the grid, and the sun goes down, you still want to be able to see where you’re going, especially when heading to the toilet. You will also have the tool you need to assist you when looking for something in the dark.
  • When you’re out fishing or boating. If you’ve ever spent time on the water at night, you know precisely how dark it gets far away from the light sources of towns. Our flashlights are an effective way to have light when you need it, without having to rely solely on the lamps on your boat all the time.
  • Tradesmen. On the worksite can sometimes be challenging to see when the sun goes down or you’re working in tight space like a roof or underground etc. The Nano Flashlight series is small enough that it will fit in your pocket for any of these hard to see areas.
  • When the power in your home goes out. Whatever the reason for a power outage, it is never at a convenient time. Having a flashlight on your keychain can help you navigate the darkness in your home with ease while you get the power back online.

 About Us and Our Small Flashlights with High Lumens

 As camping and 4x4 enthusiasts, we love being outdoors and off the grid. However, we soon realised that the flashlights we were always lugging around were too heavy and that their batteries would run flat at the worst times. So, relying on personal experience, we decided to craft a small rechargeable torch light that we could charge quickly, that would fit on our keychains, and that had offered enough lumens for any purpose. We now stock and sell what we believe is the ideal flashlight version for both outdoors and emergency uses.

 Contact us today and order your brand-new flashlight made to last more than 55,000 hours.

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